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 With over 35 years' experience, U-JIN Chemical has been a pioneer in the development and production of Formaldehyde and its derivatives in Korea.

 We were the first Korean producer of Formaldehyde in 1962 which still is a core product for U-JIN.

 We started the first Polyol production (Pentaerythritol) in 1967 employing our own processes and technology and is now embarking on the first Korean production of Paraformaldehyde in our new Yosu plant.

 By focusing our competence and resources to the development, production, and marketing of specialty Formaldehyde derivative products, we will continue to widen product range and expand production capability to serve customers around the world with chemical products of competitive price, consistent quality, and reliable delivery.

 We also offer and deal with a variety of other related industrial and specialty chemicals through an extensive distribution network in both domestic and international markets developed over many years.



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