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37% solution of Formaldehyde Clear colorless liquid; Sp.gr. 1.075-1.081; B.P. 98 C(approx); PH 3.0;
Flash point 152 F(with 8% Methanol).


Phenolic Resins; Urea-formaldehyde Resins; Melamine-formaldehyde Resins; Ethylene Glycol; Pentaerythritol; Hexamethylenetetramine; Fertilizer Solution (UF) Trimethylolpropane(TMP); Trimethylolethane; Acetal Resins; Catalysts; Concrete, Plaster and Related Products; Costmetics; Deodorization; Disinfection and Fumigation; Dyes and Dyehouse Chemicals; Embalming and Preserving; Explosives; Fireproofing; Fuels, Gas Absorbents; Hydrocarbon Products; Insecticides; Leather, Fur and Hair; Medicine; Metal Industries; Paper; Photography; Protein Modification; Rubber; Solvents and Plasticizers; Stabilizers; Starch; Surface Active Agents; Textiles; Wood

Liquid-formed product per Kgs stored in tank lorry or drums .



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